"If you build a highway through a national park, you may want a fence to go along with it." One thing begets another, and the ubiquitous wildlife fence that runs up and down hills, along ridges, around corners, and along the highway is only there because the highway is there. I sometimes wonder what animals think when they encounter it. They roam where they need to roam, but fences stop them. And if the fence alone doesn't stop them, a high voltage jolt will if they happen to try getting over it. It's all for the animals' safety they say. But fences were never there in times past. And neither were high speed vehicles.

I was wandering near Anthracite where the fence takes a turn up the hill when I saw a deer wanting to head past it. He saw me and felt trapped. Fences do that. I talked to the deer and she trotted past me toward the safety of the stream. I looked around at the fence around me... and felt trapped.

cattlegate1.jpg cattlegate2.jpg fence1.jpg fence2.jpg fence3.jpg fence4.jpg fence5.jpg fence6.jpg fence7.jpg fence10.jpg fence11.jpg fence12.jpg fence13.jpg fence14.jpg fencecastle.jpg