This is Banff

This is Banff National Park

The original vision of creating a tourist attraction out of hot springs has grown substantially in the hands of the national government. Since its discovery in 1883, man's impact on Banff has been both lasting and profound. Inside these pages is an essay of sorts, painting a collage of man's attempts to tame the mountains with engineering and technology. And although these attempts are impressive, a stark contrast should be apparent between man's creations and God's.

"That's not what I was expecting..."

My stopped vehicle often signals others to stop and look around. As I was taking photos of the Cascade canal and comstocks, a vehicle stopped and a man and his wife got out and climbed the bank to the canal. The man reached the top first, took a quick look around and muttered the above quote, then quickly left. I would invite you instead to linger in this place and ponder man's impact on Banff.

This is Banff