A cemetery is a sacred place. The solemn disposition we feel when wandering through one is not only out of respect for the immense grief experienced for lost loved ones, but also out of a sense of reckoning that one day, we will end up in one.

Banff has two cemeteries. The old cemetery (1888) sits just a few blocks from downtown and is crowded with a jumble of headstones with familiar names of local explorers and guides. The newer cemetery (1950) is around four kilometers from town and is vast and almost seems empty. Hidden benches offer rest for those remembering and contemplating their loss.

It is human to establish a place where we place the deceased. And these places have become a part of Banff.

cemetery01.jpg cemetery02.jpg cemetery03.jpg cemetery04.jpg cemetery05.jpg cemetery06.jpg cemetery07.jpg cemetery08.jpg cemetery09.jpg cemetery10.jpg cemetery11.jpg cemetery12.jpg cemetery13.jpg cemetery14.jpg cemetery20.jpg cemetery21.jpg

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