One unique need of a National park is accommodating the millions of people who visit every year. And one of those needs is handling human waste products of metabolism. If biffies were not built in strategic locations, the park would quickly become a health hazard. So a biffy becomes a welcome sight when roaming around. The sheer number of them attests to the large volume of people that need them as they enjoy the beautiful surroundings. But before 1880, there were none. Now, we can't imagine Banff without them.

biffy01.jpg biffy02.jpg biffy03.jpg biffy04.jpg biffy05.jpg biffy06.jpg biffy07.jpg biffy08.jpg biffy09.jpg biffy10.jpg biffy11.jpg biffy12.jpg biffy13.jpg biffy14.jpg biffy15.jpg biffy16.jpg biffy17.jpg