A town represents man's presence, and Banff is no exception. The complexity is staggering, and the infrastructure has made a deep and lasting impact on the area. A deep utility project on Bear street gives one a glimpse at what goes into making a town work. The town sits surrounded by mountains so can't help but inspire majesty when outside. But it's hard to hide infrastructure--those places that are necessary to keep the town running: utilities, garbage, heating, and alleyways for deliveries. And, although man's ingenuity is displayed in the structure and layout of the town of Banff, which can inspire a certain amount of wonder in itself, this infrastructure stands in stark contrast to its surroundings. It's a stark reminder that this is man's best effort to create and maintain his presence in this place.

Alleys and Rooftops

townsitealley0.jpg townsitealley1.jpg townsitealley2.jpg townsitealley3.jpg townsitealley4.jpg townsitealley5.jpg townsitealley6.jpg townsitealley7.jpg townsitealley8.jpg Townsitealley10.jpg Townsitealley11.jpg Townsitealley12.jpg Townsitealley13.jpg Townsitealley14.jpg Townsitealley15.jpg Townsitealley16.jpg Townsitealley17.jpg TownsiteBear1.jpg TownsiteBear2.jpg Townsitegarbage1.jpg Townsitegarbage2.jpg townsitegarbage3.jpg townsitegarbage4.jpg Townsiteroof1.jpg townsiteroof2.jpg townsiteroof3.jpg townsiteroof4.jpg townsiteroof5.jpg

When walking around the town of Banff it's hard to imagine that none of this was here before 1880. And the quest to provide everything for visitors has led Banff to grow unfettered. What will the town of Banff be 100 years from now?


Street1.jpg Street2.jpg Street3.jpg Street4.jpg Street5.jpg Street6.jpg Street7.jpg Street8.jpg Street9.jpg Street10.jpg Street11.jpg Street12.jpg streets20.jpg streets21.jpg streets22.jpg streets23.jpg

Stroll down Banff Avenue

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