Castle Mountain

Today I drove out to Castle mountain. I may not be incorrect in saying it is the most photographed mountain in Banff. It's imposing nature makes one feel small--almost like looking at the stars.

I went tromping through the snow to get a photo of the mountain juxtaposed against the wildlife fence. Unfortunately, I left my snowshoes in the van and sank knee deep trying to get to the perfect spot. A little later and a little wiser, I tromped to another location--with my snowshoes. I forgot how exhausting it is. With the temp at -12C, I was breaking into a sweat. As I was taking pictures of an overpass with Castle Mt in the background, standing at a junction of the highway which is cleared of trees for hundreds of meters, pavement laid down, signs put up, snow piled up from clearing, and fencing strung out for miles to keep wildlife at bay, I realized that at that point in time, I was a part of this. The road brought me there. The fencing helped me not to hit wildlife. Signs helped me know what/what not to do, and piled up snow meant I didn't have to drive in deep snow to get there.

Still, I couldn't figure out whether it was good or bad that I was there...