C-level Coal mine

I hiked up to C-level in Bankhead today to check out the mine up there. From Minnewanka I can see tailings up the Cascade, which I presumed was from this mine. So, instead of blowing past the supply building and surrounding area, I explored and wound up on the slack heap on the side of the mountain. Although not very long, it represented a lot of waste coal and tailings, cascading down around 200 feet below the appropriately named Cascade mountain. A metal drill extension lay on the ground, along with rusted cable, likely for the rail cars, and some large pipes.

I hauled my large format camera but couldn't really find anything compelling to take a photo of. The 9 unstable mine openings were surrounded by fencing and were difficult to view and photograph. So I opted for the supply building, highlighting the graffiti which defaced the building, which in turn is defacing the landscape.