Bankhead 2

The Road to Bankhead is still closed but is cleared of snow and was being swept when I rode my bike to the site of the Holy Trinity church. It sits at the top of a hill overlooking lower Bankhead, with a view of the Fairholme Range as well as the Cascades, which was the mountain range being mined for coal. Only the foundation/basement and front steps remain. I sat on the steps, wondering what it would have been like to worship at this church back in 1910. Who were the people that attended? What was the priest like? I got out my large format camera and took two pictures, then headed up to upper Bankhead to look around.

Homesites were easy to find, and a couple of "L" shaped foundations remained. Other sites had sewer pipes sticking out of the ground. Farther north is a clearing that has what looks like was the main road, with building sites along it. Further north the town ended at a bank which had a lot of metal garbage strewn about. I could only surmise that this was where the townsfolk tossed unneeded buckets and cans when they were done with them. The whole northern bank is littered with rusted metal. A rotting barrel sits in the ground with the strap nearby.

I suppose it could all be cleaned up more thoroughly than it has been. How much work would it take? How about the sewer pipes and other utilities that are in the ground? I imagine that Parks keeps these curiosities because it now contributes to the history of the park. Funny how that works. If I tossed garbage into the park, I could face a hefty fine. But someone who tossed an old bucket over the north bank 100 years ago turns it into an historic site.